Modular lighting system

Lobmeyr, 2019

Essentially, The Knight is a modular lighting system. Arranged like a sinus-curve alternating cone-shaped elements provide lighting upwards and downwards. Both circuits can be addressed individually. Beyond dimming, each element is fit with a dynamic white LED-element that can dim from 2000K candle light to 4000K daylight.

Just like spin-up/spin-down it creates two opposed directions of light. These two directions can be dimmed and controlled individually via a Bluetooth™ controller and a mobile app.

Lobmeyr, 2019

Starting from a single element one can create any size of ring or any length of straight line. As the basic shape is round any additional piece can be added at any angle making literally any shape possible.

The clear shape of the individual housings offer a white canvas for the Lobmeyr artisans. On the cones they can elaborate on a variety of traditional crafting techniques such as hammer stroke or embossing. Also the diffuser offers a wide range of customisations swapping the acrylic plates with hand-cut crystal.