Portrait: Max Manavi-Huber

STUDIO DESSí is a design studio based in Vienna. The studio’s approach is practical and collaborative, where design is understood as an interactive process. Self initiated ventures serve to experiment with materials and test processes that can be later applied onto commercial projects and/or developed further to meet the requirements of industrial or handmade-replication. Commissioned design work always starts with immediate study of the client, their respective production methods and methods’ inherent potentials.

STUDIO DESSí is not committed to any particular style, preferred material or unified formula, but rather regards designing as a trade characterized by a deep understanding of materials, processes and how the two are linked. The way in which an object is produced has a direct influence over its aesthetic appearance and the story that it tells. STUDIO DESSí values transparency in terms of a consistent link between the process of designing and the actual conditions of production.

Established by Marco Dessí in 2008, the studio works with a list of international clients and cultural institutions on a variety of scales, ranging from furniture and product design to spatial solutions.

Schwarzingergasse 2/6, 1020 Vienna, Austria

Design: Studio WHY.