Orbit is tableware suitable for everyday use, versatile and contemporary, as well as reflecting the mastery of a traditional company like Augarten. 

Augarten, 2013

For this second-oldest porcelain manufacturer in Europe, Orbit was the first commission for a dinner service in 40 years. This company has great mastery in producing exquisite ceramics and takes great pride in their colorful hand painted surface decorations.

Augarten, 2013
Photography: Klaus Fritsch

A detail of Orbit that catches the eye right away is the rim: this particular semi matte detail was achieved by capturing one step in the production process, namely the polishing of the rims after firing. The edge of every piece was extended to a fine, semi matte, polished rim, which stands in contrast to the glazed surface and emphasizes the materiality of porcelain. It is "decoration" that is fully embedded in the production.