Delicate and contemporary sofa.

Wittmann, 2013

Odeon presents itself with lightness, an effect emphasized by its rear legs being moved inward. It is a delicate and contemporary sofa whose true qualities come to the fore whichever angle the piece is viewed from. Striking lines provide a visual accent on the backrest and seat. Odeon comes in two sizes and is complemented by a matching footrest.

Wittmann, 2013
Photography: Klaus Fritsch


Wittmann, 2017
Photography: Bernhard Angerer.

The idea of sitting at a table on an upholstered bench has a long-standing tradition. A bench gives the person sitting on it the feeling that they have ample space to spread out, and is also the perfect solution for larger groups around a table: it is always possibly to move closer to one another in comfort on a bench. The Odeon dining sofa takes its cue from all the fantastic properties exhibited by the Odeon sofa.